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I hope you enjoy these files. Thanks to the makers of them and to John Williams

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1941 The March from “1941”
The Accidental Tourist The Accidental Tourist
Amistad Dry Your Tears Afrika

Going Home

Celebration Fanfare Celebration Fanfare
The Cowboys The Cowboys
Close Encounters Of  The Third Kind Conversation Theme

Dialog (as heard in film)

Dracula Main Tittle
The Eiger Sanction  The Eiger Sanction
Empire of the Sun Exsultate Justi
E.T.  Flying
Adventures on Earth
Far And Away Far And Away
Fitzwilly Make me Rainbows
Giorgio If We Were in Love
Home Alone Somewhere In My Memory
Somewhere In My Memory
Hook Medley
How to Steal a Million How to Steal a Million

How to Steal a Million

A Hymn to New England A Hymn  to New England
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade The Keeper Of The Grail
  Radiers Of The Lost Ark The Raiders March 

 1             2              3

Jaws Theme from "Jaws"

Jaws Medley

J.F.K. Prologue
Jurassic Park Medley

Theme from Jurassic Park

A Tree For My Bed

  Land of the Giants Land of the Giants
Liberty Weekend  Liberty Fafarre
The Lost World: Jurassic Park The Lost World The Lost World

Malcom's Journey

Final And Jurassic Park Theme

Lost In Space  Main Tittles Season 3
The Man Who Loved Cat Dancing The Man Who Loved Cat Dancing
Midway Midway
NBC News Theme NBC News Theme
Not with My Wife, You Don't! Big Beatiful Ball
Olimpic Games Los Angeles 1984 Olimpic Fanfarre
The Olympic Spirit Seoul 1988 The Olympic Spirit
Presumed Innocent Presumed Innocent
The Rare Breed The Rare Breed
Rosewood Rosewood
Sabrina Theme From Sabrina

Theme From Sabrina

Saving Private Ryan Hymn To The Fallen

The Last Battle

Summon The Heroes Atlanta 1996 Summon The Heroes
Superman Main Theme 

The Planet Krypton

Love theme from Superman

Schindler's List  Theme from Schindler's List 

1                  2

Seven Years in Tibet Seven Years in Tibet
   Twenty five midi files about 
   The Trilogy, you can get them
   all in this zip file
  Star Wars Episode I The Phantom Menace Duel of the Fates

The Flag Parade

Anakin's Theme

Jar Jar's Introduction

Qui-Gon's Funeral

  The Time Tunnel Main Tittle
1989 Alpine Ski Championships in Vail, Colorado Winter Games Fanfare 


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