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Varèse Sarabande VSD-5280


P  R E S U M E  D

Music Composed And Conducted By

1. Presumed Innocent (4:10)
2. Rembering Carolyn (2:17)
3. Family Life (1:30)
4. Love Scene (4:06)
5. The B File (3:28)
6. The Bedroom Scene (4:20)
7. Carolyn's Office (3:24)
8. ``Leon Talks'' (1:59)
9. Rusty Accused (2:07)
10. Case Dismissed (1:53)
11. The Boat Scene (2:15)
12. The Basement Scene (2:55)
13. Barbara's Confession (5:17)
14. End Credits (4:03)

Total Time: 43:49

Music Composed and Conducted by John Williams
Produced by John Williams

Executive Producer: Robert Townson
Music Editor: Ken Wannberg
Recording Engineer: Armin Steiner
Production Supervisor: Tom Null

Composer John Williams has created one of his most hauntingly beautiful scores for Alan J. Pakula's film adaptation of Scott Turow's best selling novel Presumed Innocent.

The film is a highly complex and suspenseful telling of the plight of prosecutor Rusty Sabich (Harrison Ford) who becomes caught up in the murder investigation of a beautiful colleague with whom he had been carrying on a heated extra-martial affair.

John Williams' score is a fine example of the composer's truly special understanding of film scoring requirements. Williams' dramatic sensibilities are beautifully reflected in his restrained undercurrent of love beneath the dark and somewhat foreboding surface of the music. His love theme is more of a love motif which is always searching but never fully realizes its truly romantic quality. This is a masterful score which takes a prized position in the repertoire of a composer who is likewise always searching for new forums of musical expression.

—Robert Townson